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Monday, 26 March 2012

Cash for access and influence–don’t forget the LibDems–the ‘squeaky clean’ party!

This is the party most distrusted by the electorate, reduced to a pathetic rump in Holyrood by the Scottish electorate last May, and who would be obliterated by the UK electorate if the Coalition fell tomorrow.

But they see themselves as squeaky clean …

This is the party that accepted “in good faith” a £2.4m donation from a convicted fraudster, Michael Brown, which they refused to repay to the people who had been defrauded when the facts became known because “the money was already spent”. (BBC report)

But they see themselves as squeaky clean …

Here they are at their conference in September 2011, allowing access for cash - £800 a head for lunch – with influential LibDem ministers to tobacco companies and God know who else. Here they are trying to prevent Channel Four News reporter Michael Crick from gaining access for truth.

Meanwhile, Tavish Scott bleated bitterly last year about how his party, not to mention his career, was blighted by the LibDem pact with the Tories. Tavish, throughout his feeble leadership of the Scottish LibDems conspicuously failed to distance himself from the UK party because of his pro-Union and virulently anti-SNP views. He now favours remaining in the UK for Orkney and Shetland - or UDI from an independent Scotland.

We have a LibDem, Danny Alexander as a member of the notorious Coalition sofa government cabal, the Quad, and Michael Moore, a LibDem, as Scottish Colonial Governor – and in Scotland, Willie Rennie

They are all – needless to say – deeply committed to remaining within the UK, and implacably hostile to their country’s independence …



"Yesterday’s Sunday Times report regarding Peter Cruddas is a matter of substantial public concern.

One important aspect is that Mr Cruddas is reported to have discussed the issue of Scottish independence with you, in somewhat pejorative terms. I would like to know directly from you the details of this discussion.

The paper reports that Mr Cruddas personally was a major donor to the “No to AV” campaign, reportedly funding the campaign to the tune of £1.2 million.

You will also have noted that Mr Cruddas was willing to discuss accepting political donations with persons purporting to represent an overseas wealth fund, which of course is prohibited by law from making a donation to a political party in the United Kingdom.

As you know, the Scottish Government’s proposals for a referendum on independence in autumn 2014 set out clear rules about donations to the campaigning groups for the referendum. These rules are based on established electoral law, and our consultation document proposes that they would be rigorously enforced by the Electoral Commission.

Given the revelations in the Sunday Times and subsequent resignation of Mr Cruddas, I am asking you to agree that there is now even more reason to ensure that the terms governing the conduct of the referendum are determined by the Scottish Parliament, and are not dictated by Westminster – a threat that was discussed by senior Conservative Party representatives as recently as last weekend at your Scottish Party conference.

You will realise the importance we attach to holding a referendum which is beyond reproach and free of the sort of impropriety which is so clearly pointed to in the Sunday Times report."


  1. Crick has a nice line in mock innocence. Good stuff!

    By the by, I wonder when we'll next see David Cameron enjoying the bracing Jura air...

  2. Thanks, forfarloon.

    Can I remind - no links unless you're prepared to add the necessary html code. Goodle won't do it for you.


  3. I absolutely love those last two paragraphs by Salmond - and he's completely correct to say it.

    Unionists such as Tom Harris have levelled all sorts of slanderous accusations at the SNP in regards to the referendum, just because they wanted to have a properly independent body in charge to ensure the referendum result was above reproach - but they were right all along.

  4. Peter - a striking theme in UK politics is that there's a veritable quagmire of dodgy dealings going on and on and on. We can start stopping it in Scotland given the will.

    The last people in mind will be the electorate, whilst the chancers work their way into virtually every angle they can get at, no holds barred, all goes!

    This is civic anarchy. From tax evasion by the richest to the mountain of merde that is News International, the Met, MP expenses, Al-Megrahi, Lockerbie, McCrone, GCC., etc., all are founded on corrupt dealings. The highest office itself is continuously debased and God only knows what's still to turn up?

    When a budget is welcomed for dropping the 50p tax, which only brings in a billion, to be replaced by a 45p tax that will discourage tax evasion and harvest 2.5 billion, says it all.

    Tax evasion isn't the normal territory of the paye punter, yet tax evasion merrily practised by the rich and richer is talked of openly - as if normal? Reality check time!!

  5. What can I say? The UK is rotten to the core. Every nation in this poisoned union should get the hell out.


  6. A propos Cameron's Jura bolthole exposed to Osborne's tax, if fact Switzerland and the UK have recently signed a tax treaty to recoup tax from anonymous UK depositors who have not declared their offshore capital.

    Hidden inside this Treaty is a nice we get-out clause which would seem to offer a coach and horses hole through, quite possibly for that Cameron's benefit, which the whole exercise for the very rich is meaningless.

    Nothing like being on the inside of legislation which could affect your wallet.