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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Commonwealth Games ‘legacy’? Shona Robison SNP and Patricia Ferguson–Labour in cosy concert against Dr. Libby Porter

This programme made me feel sick – an SNP MSP in league with a Labour MSP against the people of Dalmarnock, the disabled children of the Accord Centre, and a Glasgow University world expert on urban regeneration and the negative impact of projects such as the Commonwealth Games.


University of Glasgow School of Social and  Political Sciences


Glasgow Labour destroyed Dalmarnock, made some of its people homeless and penniless, while obscenely enriching property developers and house builders. The SNP has done little or nothing - except pose for a few photographs - for these people.  The local SNP MP, John Mason, as far as I know, has walked away from them. (I would be delighted to hear differently from him, or any source.)

The Glasgow Press, with the honourable exception of the Sun and Paul Drury, has either ignored them or misrepresented their position. The rich sportsmen of Glasgow, and Celtic Football Club, on their doorstep, have ignored them. Scottish television channels have given them superficial and in general negligible coverage.

This is Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games’ shameful secret, and should be the shame of the sports-obsessed professional and political classes of the West of Scotland.

There is still time for the Scottish Government to show some humanity – and some bloody sense – before the local elections on 3rd of May.


Police probe into Commonwealth Games land deals

Police drop probe into land deals

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

John Mason questions Gordon Brown on Purcell Affair at PMQs

The last PMQs of this corrupt Parliament.

Gordon Brown refuses to answer Glasgow East SNP MP John Mason's question about an inquiry over the Purcell Affair and possible municipal corruption in Glasgow.

Instead of answering the question, Brown chooses to attack John Mason's voting record in the Commons, using the odd phrases "He came down here to this Parliament and ... He should go back to Scotland and ...."

Yes, he did come down here, Gordon, but reluctantly, like all SNP members of Parliament, because they have little choice but to try and influence the corrupt system - while it lasts - to address the needs of the people of Scotland. And he will go back to Scotland and tell the people of Glasgow East the contempt with which this Labour Government and its unelected Leader treats their elected representative 

But your days are numbered, Gordon, and to my astonishment, I find myself saying that a Tory win - which I am hopeful may be in the context of a hung Parliament - is a price worth paying to get you and your sorry gang out of power.