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Friday, 24 January 2014

One day’s tweets, RTs and links – and it ain’t over yet …


  1. Peter Curran@moridura 1m

    @FewArePict I do my best, as do thousand's of YES supporters. Get the fact out, the buttons on - buttonhole the voters!


  2. Peter Curran@moridura 3m

    No independence movement can afford to be bland, blinkered, bashful or blasé - or it's buggered ...


  3. Peter Curran@moridura 7m

    @FewArePict 307 years of UK propaganda, Labour blatant lies and compliant media are bound to influence many against logic, Debra. Info, info


  4. Peter Curran@moridura 9m

    Pete Ramand and James Foley have produced a formidably insightful analysis of core dynamic of Scottish referendum …


  5. Peter Curran@moridura 12m

    @1982Nick No, I don't - it's here …


  6. Peter Curran@moridura 15m

    @hannada39 Yes, it's critically different: this time the people have real power - for 15 hours on 15th September 2014 …


  7. Peter Curran@moridura 17m

    The key referendum issue is increasingly becoming the have-nots (and those who care about them) versus the haves - the I'm Alright UK Jocks.


  8. Peter Curran@moridura 20m

    @SovereignSadie Means what it says, Anne - policies such as NATO, monarchy, economy and military that mainly targeted that demographic group


  9. Peter Curran@moridura 22m

    GUARDIAN: "A hardcore of Scotland is rich, authoritarian, or militarist" - "Salmond's team has sacrificed far too much to them already"


  10. Peter Curran@moridura 23m

    @1982Nick Have a look at the polls for their impact. It may not have surprised you, but it seems to have escaped YES strategic planners.


  11. Peter Curran@moridura 26m

    Guardian: "A hardcore of Scotland is rich, authoritarian, or militarist; where these households vote yes, they are statistical flukes"


  12. Peter Curran@moridura 29m

    GUARDIAN:"For decades, poorest voters, most dependent on govmnt aid, have seen constitutional change as better guarantee .. than Labour vote


  13. Peter Curran@moridura 32m

    GUARDIAN:"Contrary to views of many Labour supporters, .. referendum is not about blood and soil separatism" It's about "societal divisions"


  14. Pat Kane@thoughtland 37m

    .@KennyFarq will it have same will-sapping Unionist misinfo, vacuous Cal-Max lifestyle options, + underpowered cultural punditry as usual?

    Retweeted by Peter Curran


  15. Peter Curran@moridura 36m

    @KennyFarq @EddieBarnes23 @scotonsunday It's come out unequivocally for YES, Kenny? I'm delighted ...


  16. Peter Curran@moridura 37m

    Scot.SocialAttitudes Survey: Wealthy Scots are resolutely hostile, 72% of business leaders are hostile to independence. And morally bankrupt


  17. Peter Curran@moridura 40m

    SSAS survey shows strong correlation between a YES and social class. 40% of households earning under £14,300 are likely to vote YES. YES!


  18. Peter Curran@moridura 42m

    Yes is . keeping what remains of social democratic decency. Scot Labour traditions are real battleground for YES vote …


  19. Peter Curran@moridura 45m

    Dolina said it all … Jim Sillars says Carpe diem! … . and Brian Wilson of 7-84? Lost in UK fantasy


  20. Peter Curran@moridura 50m

    Sillars sees that Scottish Left, lost for a century in an international socialist UK dream, will hold real power for 15 hrs only on 15 Sept.


  21. Peter Curran@moridura 58m

    "One-fifth of Scots households below basic income level" A national disgrace, directly attributable to 3 UK parties …


  22. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    Scot.Sec.Alistair Carmichael is accused of doing too little on sex abuse allegations while he was Lib Dem chief whip …


  23. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @moridura I should make it clear on my last tweet that I meant that the Telegraph was owned by the Barclay Bros - not Johann Lamont MSP


  24. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    How the Telegraph, Johann's favourite paper, owned by the Barclay Brothers, handles the Ryder Cup expenses rubbish …


  25. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    "Yes vote could be making of right wing in Scotland" Only the intelligent centre-right. Bonehead right is UK-fixated …


  26. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    They just won't let this crap go - "Scottish independence: Border passport check claim …


  27. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    UK Gov's lack of support for Scotland’s renewable energy industry is putting jobs and investment at risk. 'Scottish' Sec.Carmichael no help.


  28. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @Indy4Scotland I know many who are well-informed but will still vote No - out of either selfishness or irrational emotional Brit attachment.


  29. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @Indy4Scotland I have music and video of Scotland after a No vote, Bill. Perhaps just a little bit pessimistic …


  30. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @Shiny02 On pause, except for improving the economy, reducing unemployment and crime, tackling alcohol abuse, increasing tourism, etc. etc.


  31. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @ShonaMcAlpine I did my best, Now I'm in the huff ...


  32. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    Over 500 hits in a day - people like a comedy horror clip. Johann Lamont stars at FMQs …


  33. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @billyfish_66 I'm sure it reflect reality in key Labour areas. I've been at meetings where people who're anti-SNP were committed to YES vote


  34. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @billyfish_66 You know the answer, Billy - the SNP canvassers on the doorstep with their standard canvass cards. Similar results elsewhere.


  35. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @nataliemcgarry Result was probably inevitable, but your candidacy and canvass made a huge contribution to YES - and your day WILL come soon


  36. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @BBCPolitics "I acted immediately - I did sweet **** *** !" Clegg


  37. Peter Curran@moridura 1h

    @ShonaMcAlpine Have a cold to jazz piano - with advice! Get better soon ... …


  38. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    Please don't offer rude alternative versions of Ian Davidson's SAF committee of 15 Jan with academics. SAF means Scottish Affairs Committee.


  39. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    This is the 'uncorrected' report of Ian Davidson's SAF committee. Only a YES vote could correct this lot ... …


  40. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    @SovereignSadie It's not more nuanced than I think, Anne …


  41. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    @ShonaMcAlpine Of course you can! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and concentrate. Take a dictionary into the shower with the Cragganmore.


  42. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    You saw the horror move - now read the full script, as Davidson's Academics prance and dance to his Brit.Empire cues …


  43. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    If you're doing OK, I'm Alright UK Jocks - spare a thought for 1 in 5 Scots who can't maintain an acceptable standard of living. Vote YES!


  44. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    @ShonaMcAlpine Where is your head soaring to, Shona? But apart from that - awww, puir wee thing - there, there ... Drink a large Cragganmore


  45. Peter Curran@moridura 2h

    GMS Dr.Peter Lynch says Labour know that their voters might be "susceptible" to voting Yes. Dr.Lynch makes it sound like catching a cold ...


  46. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    @andrew_harrop @thefabians @edballsmp UK has no economic and fiscal future - it won't exist after 2016: dead de facto from 19th Sept = rUK


  47. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Almost 400,000 households in ­Scotland are living on incomes too low to afford an adequate standard of living ­.


  48. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    Cowdenbeath voting intentions demonstrates how vital Jim Slllar's message is. … AND … @NAEFear


  49. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    11,727 Cowdenbeath voters: referendum voting intentions: 41% Yes, 36% No 23% undecided. Still Labour, but more indy Labour than UK Labour.


  50. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    LibDems beaten by UKIP in Cowdenbeath. 5th place.


  51. Peter Curran@moridura 3h

    @scott_eff @NaeFear Thanks, Scott - and my thanks to Jim Sillars for cutting to the essentials of the referendum.


  52. Peter Curran@moridura 4h

    ROBERT McNEIL Herald "The idea that 16-year olds have the vote is almost as chilling as the idea that over-16s have it .." Gaun yersel, Rab!


  53. Peter Curran@moridura 4h

    @AlexRowleyCllr Congratulations Alex - do a good job for people of Cowdenbeath - and think hard about Labour and independence @labourforindy


  54. Peter Curran@moridura 4h

    Lawyers divided over Scotland's EU plans UK is clear Scotland WILL conform to EU rulebook - the acquis communautaire


  55. Angus Robertson@MorayMP 4h

    Welcome cross-party Syria @refugees motion with @UKLabour @theSNP @Plaid_Cymru @SDLPlive @TheGreenParty

    Retweeted by Peter Curran

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  56. Peter Curran@moridura 4h

    Danish friend on SNP and EU: "SNP's idea seem rather good, they are just notoriously bad at communicating what it is.." Tae see oorsels, etc


  57. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    @mgreenwell Thanks!


  58. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    Alistair Carmichael, Scottish(?) Sec. wants to move Scottish shipyard work to England, describing Portsmouth as a “well placed” contender.


  59. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    @NaeFear …


  60. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    @mgreenwell Alistair Darling will be talking more rubbish to James Naughtie and an audience in Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow on Mar 13th, Mike

  61. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    @pilaraymara Jim Sillars on a decisive moment in Scotland's history …

  62. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    @TheHeraldPaper Have a whip round among those who lost their homes due to Games and Accord mothers, who lost a centre for disabled children


  63. Peter Curran@moridura 5h

    BAE's Ian King says the firm has “no contingency plans” to take work away from Govan and Scotstoun in the event of a Yes vote this September