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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last Tram to Unionist Hell – Tories and Labour go for a ride, then jump off at Haymarket –TramKarma!

This was a Unionist party vanity project from the beginning, in conception when they were in power, and implementation when in opposition by collectively outvoting the minority SNP government in its first term.

The project has subsequently descended into farce, but one that has wreaked untold damage on the economy and the image of the City of Edinburgh.

Lesley Hinds, Labour Councillor and Jeremy Balfour, Tory Councillor formed an unlikely liaison, went for a ride on the tram project, and jumped off at Haymarket, to cries of disgust and derision from the people of Edinburgh.

Gordon Mackenzie, LibDem Councillor, squeaks ineffectually on the sidelines.

Lots of other people walk away with lots and lots of lovely money - our money ...