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Monday, 13 December 2010

Israeli police – alleged abuse of Arab children in custody: the ACRI Report and the BBC

I watched Newshour – 12.30 to one o’clock BBC Two – today. The report by ACRI, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, about the alleged abuse of the human rights of Arab children in custody by the Israeli police was frightening and thought-provoking. It was followed by the BBC presenter, Jonathan Charles interviewing an expert, Professor Joan Freeman, an eminent child psychologist, on the report.

Professor Freeman is an acknowledged expert on gifted children, and has written many books on the subject, and lectures extensively on the subject. Here she was invited to offer her expert view on allegedly traumatised children in what is effectively a war zone in an occupied country, Israel/Palestine.

The whole tenor of this studio analysis left me profoundly uneasy, yet I cannot say exactly why, since I have no expertise in this complex subject. Others may have a more considered views.