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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Better Together in the rotten UK? Naw …

Is Scotland really Better Together in the UK?

In a country where the criminal powerful are rarely called to account? "Once you've broken through a certain membrane of power, whether in politics or in business, you are untouchable ..."

Where politicians condone and facilitate corporate irresponsibility?

Where 'double messages' are given out by senior politicians? "Every government, whichever colour the government is, tries to play a double game" by fund raising from rich bankers while giving out  critical moral messages?

Where there is a 'crisis of legitimacy' in institutions?

Where 'an extraordinarily rich class' avoids its responsibilities?

Where a million children don't have enough to eat, and are malnourished?

The UK is a state in 'a big malaise'. In fact it's rotten to the core of its failing institutions, a conspiracy of wealth and power moving ever further away from the people.

Better Together? With this? Scotland must say YES to its independence in 2014

Is Scotland really Better Together in the UK for defence?

The critical issue is defence - the nuclear 'deterrent', Trident, and the UK's outdated concept of itself as a world power.

Devomax, devoplus, devo-whatever - nothing short of full independence will deliver Scotland from the obscenity - and utter irrelevance - of nuclear weapons - of their fundamental immorality and inhumanity.

Say YES to Scotland's independence, and let our defence forces be truly for defence, not for brutal aggression against other nations.