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Thursday, 2 February 2012

“The overwhelming opinion in Scotland”–two versions in the education debate 2nd Feb 2012

It gets interesting at the 13.40 minute mark.

“That dreadful, anti-Scottish, anti-education  trap” is an accurate description of  the Tories/LibDem Coalition, and their Scottish puppets, Labour are edging towards it – let’s not be afraid to say it …

Say it again and louder.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Scottish Tuition fees - Holyrood, the SNP and the 3 UK Stooges

Here it is in a nutshell - the Green Paper only presents options, including the one that the SNP Government is fundamentally opposed to - charging students for higher education. Listen to Mike Russell, SNP and you know what he and the SNP stand for - no students fees.

Scottish Labour is in favour of fees - their UK boss, Ed Miliband has given them their orders. The Scottish Tories and the LibDems are in favour of fees - their UK bosses, the ill-fated ConLib Coalition have already implemented a fee increase, in the face of student protests and riots.

Scottish students - you know who is defending your interest - the SNP and only the SNP. Don't be fooled by the doubletalk of the Holyrood Three UK Stooges - Gray, Goldie and Scott. They've already sold you down the river.

Scottish students – get on the streets sooner rather than later and show your support for the SNP – your only champions. You are in the last chance saloon – it’s your futures, your careers, your lives that are at stake.

Act now!