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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Black Gold – Scotland’s Oil – media links from Moridura on YouTube

Scotland's Oil: David Bell, Robin McAlpine and Brian Wilson on GMS with Isabel Fraser

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 Orkney and Shetland - and oil: home rule for Tavish?

Lamont and Davidson, the Bitter Together Sisters, get oil facts and timescale wrong

Two sides of the oil debate - Newsnicht. Swinney and Rennie

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 Gavin McCrone - assets, oil, pensions and embassies

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Theft and squandering of Scotland’s oil revenues–Norway and ‘Diomhair’

Watch, and weep for what might have been ...

Norway's far-sighted use of its oil revenue compared with the UK's frittering away of the oil revenues stolen from Scotland.

Joseph Stiglitz and Scotland's oil

Prof. Andrew Hughes Hallett

See Part Two for the Diomhair revelations about that shameful theft of Scotland's resources.

Saor Alba!

Diomhair clip - YouTube

Diomhair revealed the full details of the conspiracy to defraud Scotland of its oil revenue. How any Scot can watch this without feeling a sense of betrayal and burning resentment is beyond me, especially when one considers what Norway has has done with its oil revenues.

Saor Alba!