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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vampires on YouTube and secrets of hit rate success

At Picamp, a number of speakers and participants spoke of being baffled at what factors sometimes contribute to hit rates on their blogs.

As a test, partly because I admire Armstrong and Miller, and partly because I wanted to see if I could put a clip up that did better than my normal double digit scores on YouTube, I put this one up.

(I claim no credit for my clips – all the credit lies with the original production teams and performers – and even when they hit higher numbers, I decline YouTube’s offers to profit from them by placing ads, since they ain’t my work. I’m sure Armstrong and Miller won’t mind a little bit of publicity …)

As an atheist, I have some interesting exchanges with the Christians who have commented, overwhelmingly favourably and good-naturedly – the kind of dialogue across fundamental disagreements of belief that PIcamp would like to see. If anyone has lacked humour, and been a bit heavy, it’s been me!

A lightning bolt narrowly missed me today, but I got a nice note from somebody called Vlad Dracul, inviting me to drop in for a bite if I was ever in Transylvania. He says he has a castle, but these continentals always exaggerate.

Still, he offered to send a coach to pick me up ....