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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Missing blog comments

Once again, due to the mysterious operations of Google, a whole series of comments from weeks ago have suddenly appeared for moderation. I have no idea why they didn’t come in the normal email notifications. I check my spam folder regularly for misclassifications.

If you comment didn’t appear, it should be up now. I apologies for this, but am at a loss to prevent it happening again.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blog comments and moderation

A few reminder to blog readers -

This blog is the opinions of a single voter - me. It doesn’t claim to represent SNP policy or any group. I am an SNP supporter and party member because I want independence for Scotland and a nuclear free Scotland. No other UK party offers either of these things.

The blog is open to comments, based on Blogger processes, ID’s etc. I pre-moderate comments, but I cannot edit them - they are either accepted or rejected, and that decision is mine. Don’t post URL links unless you have added the necessary html code - I have no automatic convert facility. If you do so, I cannot publish any of the comment.

Comments are designed to be comparatively brief response to key points or the overall blog, but on big topics, e.g. the referendum, I am happy to accept more extended arguments. If you have a major and extended contribution to make, you must either start your own blog or go to a site that accepts guest articles, e.g. Newsnet Scotland

I don’t accept guest articles.

I don’t welcome posts that repeat at length what I have just said, even though they agree with me, nor do I welcome repetitive posting that simply repeat the same assertions, points of agreement and disagreement, and add nothing new to a discussion.

I welcome vigorous debate and frontal disagreement, and there is no room for delicate flowers who can’t handle equally robust responses, but abuse, etc. is unacceptable, especially when directed at third parties.

Certain comments that I may agree with will not be published because they could leave both me and the poster open to litigation.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Blog mailing list

I received a request from an SNP MSP today to remove the MSP from the mailing list, as the person concerned felt unable to make a positive response to my blogs. I immediately agreed, of course.  (I do welcome comment, positive or negative, and will publish where requested comments that meet normal criteria and are on topic.)

I have a very limited blog circulation active mailing list. I circulate SNP MSPs simply as a courtesy to inform them that a new blog has been posted, together with a small number of SNP officials – they do not represent my target audience, which is anyone interested in Scottish politics.

(I also circulate a very small number of friends and one or two other contacts who expressed an interest).

To avoid similar unwelcome emailing, I have therefore closed this list. Even on the unlikely premise that everyone on it reads every blog posting, it represent a small proportion of my readership, based on my blog monitoring statistics and incoming emails and comments.

If anyone who was in receipt of blog notification emails wishes me to continue, please let me know by email or directly.