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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

“Independence was sleepwalking towards independence”. Aye, right, Alan …

ALAN COCHRANE: I found this the most incredible intervention in recent years - months ... For John Major to say this is absolute havering. I mean, this was the man who said independence (sic) was sleepwalking towards independence - and now he's saying 'huv the whole lot, let's go the whole way’. I can't understand what he's playing at, quite frankly. Unless he's, like a lot of English Tories, completely sick of us."

Aye right, Alan - " independence (sic) was sleepwalking towards independence"

Well, you could say that - except the Nationalists have their eyes wide open - it's you and your ilk, Alan, who have been sleepwalking, in the death sleep of the Union. Scotland has been completely sick of it for a long time - and of its defenders in the Press.