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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tweet, tweet – Scotland’s NHS


  1. Peter Curran@moridura

    Should Scots be scared over independence? They should on two major issues - nuclear weapons and Scotland's NHS. Two reasons we MUST vote YES

  2. Peter Curran@moridura 

    I owe my life several times over to the Scottish NHS. I'll defend them to the death, so to speak ...

      Peter Curran@moridura

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  4. Peter Curran@moridura 

    Do you provide vital service in the public sector, want to protect the service, your job and your terms and conditions? Vote YES if you care

  5. Peter Curran@moridura

    If you're a Scottish NHS worker and plan to vote No, think again. If you don't know, make up your mind quickly - Vote YES for NHS


  6. Peter Curran@moridura

    The purpose of the bedroom tax is to force vulnerable people out of their homes, either by forced choice on cost or eviction on rent arrears


  7. Peter Curran@moridura 

    We should have a weekly independence poll from now till referendum. It can't cost too much to ask 1000 people the YES/NO/Don't know question


  8. Peter Curran@moridura 

    Vote YES for Scotland's NHS - keep the Tory/Labour/LibDem backroom pals - private healthcare companies - off Scotland's land, out of its NHS


  9. Peter Curran@moridura

    #NHS Vote YES for NHS! Vote No for privatised NHS. If you're an NHS worker, YES will protect you from the horrors of creeping privatisation


  10. Peter Curran@moridura

    English NHS moves relentlessly towards privatisation. SNP Gov. is totally committed to keeping Scotland’s NHS in public sector. Vote YES NHS