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Friday, 15 April 2011

Alex Salmond exposes the hypocrisy of the three UK parties on Question Time

The Three UK Stooges - Gray, Goldie and Scott - in Scotland got agitated about the First Minister appearing on Question Time, and two of the Labour Party's press mouthpieces, 'The Record' and 'The Herald', were clearly unhappy too.

Well, they had good reason to be worried - Alex Salmond cleaned the floor with Peter Hain (Labour), Chris Huhne (LibDem) and Michael Howard (Tory) - on the NHS and on the Libya/Megrahi/Gadaffii/Moussa Koussa issues.

He received a rapturous reception from the Liverpool audience, who recognised straight talking from a politician when they heard it for once. Alex Salmond, with his characteristic good humour, also gave insights on the AV referendum and the Cable/Cameron spat over immigration.

Hain, Huhne and Howard - The Three UK Hs - are high up in the power structures of their unionist respective parties, and they were feeble in their responses, and squabbled amongst each other embarrassingly. (Scotland has their three unionist puppets to contend with, who have infinitely less ability.)

God help England!

People of England - you need your own Parliament for your great nation to recover its self-respect and hold its head up again in the world and speak its name proudly, as Scots do.

But Scotland has a choice on May 5th. Vote for your ain folk, Scots - and vote for the man who towered over these UK politicians last night - a statesman with only Scotland's interests at heart.