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Sunday, 18 August 2013

15 key questions on independence answered by Alex Salmond – First Minister. Sound clips.

Q1 What's wrong with Scotland remaining in UK? Q2 Polls show a majority for NO and YES vote relatively static - implications? Q3 Will rUK allow Scotland to keep 95% plus of oil revenues? Q4 If Scotland stays in EU after independence, does that mean it is really independent? Q5 What currency and lender of last resort - assets and liabilities? Q6 Could Edinburgh rival London as a financial sector in independendent Scotland? Q7 How much will it cost Scotland and a Scot to be independent? Q8 Why go for independence - why not more devolution - devo max? Q9 Free tuition - can this be maintained after independence? Q10 What about UK's threat to declare Faslane sovereign UK territory to protect their WMDs? Q11 What are you going to do with Trident nuclear weapons and subs after independence? Q12 What about nuclear proliferation and rogue states - say, Iran or North Korea? Q13 Won't Scotland, as a small country compared to UK lose influence and power - clout - after independence? Q14 What do you think of BBC coverage of the referendum - will it be fair and effective? Q15 What wil you do if there's a No vote, FM - Will you resign?