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Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic tweets–flags, propaganda, commercialisation–and sport?


 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

The London Olympics are beginning to resemble a North Korean rally. I'm sad for dedicated competitors coerced into UK political propaganda.


 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

Olympic message from BetterTogether to No.10 - Try and create as many Scottish knights as you can if we get any golds. Maybe even Lords?

 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

Olympic message from BetterTogether: Just shut up about attempts to politicise it, wave a Union Jack, cheer the competitors and think Brit!

 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

Do I admire the sportsmen and women in the Olympics? Yes, I do. Do I admire its sordid commercialisation and politicisation? No, I don't ..

8h Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

The other countries competing in the Olympics are truly countries. TeamGB is not: it is a state conglomerate - 3 countries (2 reluctant) +NI

 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

Ludicrous UK Olympics argument - big countries compete more effectively. Oh, aye? Why not TeamEU, then, or TeamWesternWorld vs WickedEast?

Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

Can the Olympics find any more Scots athletes to festoon with Union Jacks? Has the Olympics become part of the BetterTogether campaign?

 Peter Curran Peter Curran@moridura

The sporting element in the Olympics has been hijacked for commercial interests and 'Britishness' propaganda. The Times is full of it today.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Labour's broken promises – and the promise of a nuclear blast for Scotland …


Andrew Neil lists Labour's broken promises over thirteen years and asks Tessa Jowell why the electorate should believe the manifesto promises.

Wasn't there something about her husband last year? A court case, alleged bribery, Silvio Berlusconi, a prison sentence?

But he is now her estranged husband, so that's alright then. Can't blame the wife for the alleged misdeeds of the husband. Anyway, she's the Olympics Minister now - the Olympic ideal, play up play up and play the game and all that.

Labour’s manifesto cover art initially reminded me of a Come to Sunny Southport! railway poster of the 1930s.


But then, a more sinister connotation came to mind – that of the nuclear Armageddon that faces us all if any of the bomber parties (Labour, Tories, LibDems) stay in power in the UK. England has no real choice, but Scotland does have a choice. The family in the poster now takes on a different aspect – remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki families who looked for a nanosecond at a blinding flash before they were incinerated …

In the general election, vote for SNP Scottish champions.

In the referendum, vote to free Scotland from the nuclear lunatics.

Nuclear Labour

Only the Scottish National Party can keep Scotland and the Scottish people safe from these morally bankrupt political parties.