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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A second referendum - Michael Moore left swinging in the wind

We have come to expect Scottish Secretaries of State (SSoS) to not have the interest of their country, Scotland, at heart - after all, they are colonial governors, the arm of the rump of an old, discredited empire, lacking only the plumed hat. But the last three - Murphy, Alexander and now the pompous, hapless Michael Moore have reached a new low.

Moore put his mouth in gear and left his brain in neutral. That's one explanation. The more likely one is that he was given the task of flying a kite for David Cameron and the shadowy unionist figures of the British Establishment, his kite got struck by lightning, and the slippery Cameron, in typical old Etonian style, has rapidly distanced himself from Moore.

After all, there is always another Scot to be found who places his country, Scotland, a poor second to the UK - Scottish Secretaries of State are dispensable.