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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A real Scottish soldier talks to someone who talks about Scottish soldiers …

Keith Brown, a Falklands veteran, trounces Ming Campbell in Daily Politics debate on Scotland's armed Forces after Philip Hammond's hit and run attack today on Scotland's capacity to defend itself.

(As far as I know, Ming never served in the armed forces, but  his connection to them - and to the British Establishment opposed to Scotland's independence - could lie in his marriage to Elspeth, Lady Grant-Suttie, daughter of Major General Roy Urquhart. )

His arguments, such as they were, seemed to rely on defence-as-job-creation scheme and his blind belief that young Scots wouldn't want to serve in a Scottish Regiment defending Scotland.

He was also gratuitously offensive to Scots (not to mention other countries of equivalent size) in suggesting that a Scottish defence force would be no more than a militia. Tell that to the marines, Ming.

In fact, you just did - to a real soldier and a marine - Keith Brown MSP

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The British Traitor Lord who enabled the fall of Singapore and Pearl Harbor–and Churchill’s folly and complicity.

This was - and is - Britain, the British Establishment and the British aristocracy. A conspiracy of wealth and power, significantly immune to the law and democratic accountability.

The Master of Sempill and Lord Sempill


“His father, the eighteenth Lord, had sired four children in total; the succeeding Lord and three daughters. The youngest daughter, Elizabeth Forbes-Sempill was born on 6 September 1912. On the death of her father, her brother, the new Lord and Baronet, entrusted the management of his Fintray and Craigievar estates into her hands.

Elizabeth subsequently changed gender, becoming Ewan Forbes-Sempill in 1952. On the nineteenth Lord's death in 1965 the baronetcy and barony were separated; the lordship passed to his daughter Ann, the twentieth Lady Sempill, while his new younger brother, Ewan, succeeded in the baronetcy, which could only be inherited by male heirs, after a two-year legal dispute to determine if he was a legitimate male successor.

After his death, the cousin born in 1927 became Sir John Alexander Cumnock Forbes-Sempill, bt. The twentieth Lady Sempill was the wife of, firstly, Eric Holt. They were later divorced and she then married secondly Stuart Whitemore Chant, who in 1966 by decree of the Lord Lyon assumed the additional surname of Sempill. As of 2010 the title is held by Lady Sempill's eldest son from her second marriage, the twenty-first Lord, who succeeded in 1995.”

An extraordinary story of a Scottish Lordship, which if presented as fiction, would be dismissed as an outlandish fantasy. An independent Scotland won't have such anachronistic things as Lords. They're one of the many reasons Scotland wants its independence. It's old history, of course, but such history and such men are represented as all that was great about Britain by apologists for the Union.

The British aristocracy

The ludicrous farce of the British Empire

Unionists share their identity crisis

The traitor - the 19th Lord Sempill

The present Lord Sempill

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Terrorism increased in UK as a direct result of Iraq War – Former Head of MI5

Well, any thinking person knew this was the case, in spite of the repeated and systematic lies of the Blair/Brown government and their creatures in the Cabinet. This is what Labour did to Britain, Iraq and world peace.

Now we have it from the horse's mouth - Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, Head of MI5 from 2002 to 2007. I normally take with a pinch of salt anything said by a titled Briton with a hyphen, but the formidable Baroness speaks the truth.

All she wants is a room somewhere - far away from the cold night air - with one enormous chair ...

Chilcot rolls on, with less publicity, but perhaps with even greater significance. I await the report eagerly.