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Sunday, 13 November 2011

George Osborne undermines the UK economy–but not Scotland’s!

George Osborne, presiding over a shambles in the UK economy, and with the Eurozone in meltdown, maintains the ill-judged Cameron attack on Scotland's investment opportunities, dragging in the now notorious Citigroup comment yet again. He's just visited a distillery in Elgin with Ruth Davidson - that may explain his confusion - caught between an inexperienced kickboxer and a large single malt ...

Lucy Adams, Chief Reporter of the Herald gets to the heart of the matter by, with admirable economy, pointing out that it's Osborne that's undermining the economy with scare stories and gloom, when the immediate problem is Europe and the global banking crisis.

Alex Salmond then calmly demolished Osborne, a politician who's not fit to lick his economic boots.

I apologise to Lucy for sandwiching her between Osborne and Alex, but it was the best place for such a mordant and pertinent comment.

A real journalist - something I always respect. Gaun yersel, Lucy!