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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Baroness Cox and Geert Wilders – working hard for Social Cohesion

Baroness Cox is a Director for the Centre for Social Cohesion, a body whose name seems strangely at odds with its activities.

Sunday Morning Live, Douglas Murray and Israel

Here she is attempting to justify the controversial visit of Geert Wilders, Dutch right-wing politician and leader of the PVV Party in Holland, to screen his video. (He was initially banned, then got permission to show it.)


Geert Wilders describes himself as supporting what he call Judeo-Christian values, a term which can be seen as code for anti-Islamic values. A more accurate description would be Zionist –Right Wing Christian values. Wilders has been prosecuted in Holland on the orders of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal for “inciting racial hatred and discrimination”.

Such are the friends of the Centre for Social Cohesion.