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Thursday, 30 January 2014

One of a parcel of Scottish Lords, Baronesses and God knows what else tries to defend the indefensible – Lord Lang’s smear against Scotland’s democracy


One member of the unelected gang of Scottish Lords, Baronesses, Tory and Labour, Lord Forsyth - Thatcher's man - supports his parcel of 800+ unelected former/failed politicians, party donors, Church of England bishops, hereditary peers and God knows what else in their disgraceful exploitation of Scottish dead on the field of battles and wars - just and unjust - by attacking and smearing a legal democratic process by a legally elected Parliament and Government - a referendum to ascertain the will of the Scottish people on the independence of their country - Scotland.

Keith Brown - a Falklands veteran - was a model of calm dignity and impeccable logic, putting to shame the desperate, self-serving emotional exploitation of the parcel of Lords.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A real Scottish soldier talks to someone who talks about Scottish soldiers …

Keith Brown, a Falklands veteran, trounces Ming Campbell in Daily Politics debate on Scotland's armed Forces after Philip Hammond's hit and run attack today on Scotland's capacity to defend itself.

(As far as I know, Ming never served in the armed forces, but  his connection to them - and to the British Establishment opposed to Scotland's independence - could lie in his marriage to Elspeth, Lady Grant-Suttie, daughter of Major General Roy Urquhart. )

His arguments, such as they were, seemed to rely on defence-as-job-creation scheme and his blind belief that young Scots wouldn't want to serve in a Scottish Regiment defending Scotland.

He was also gratuitously offensive to Scots (not to mention other countries of equivalent size) in suggesting that a Scottish defence force would be no more than a militia. Tell that to the marines, Ming.

In fact, you just did - to a real soldier and a marine - Keith Brown MSP