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Thursday, 25 March 2010


This has nothing to do with the struggle for Scotland's independence - my usual themes - but everything to do with common humanity and international justice.

Before the usual cries of anti-semitism and anti-americanism are raised, note that this is an American Jew - Norman Finklestein - commenting on the analysis and condemnation of the Gaza outrage by another distinguished Jew, Judge Richard Goldstone. Jewish commentators in America, in Britain, in every country of the world - especially Israel itself - are among the most fearless and trenchant critics of Israel's increasingly extreme behaviour. No realpolitik can justify the enormity of these actions.

The people of the world are divided, not by their nationality or their race, ethnic origin or colour, but by their commitment - or otherwise - to international standards of behaviour towards each other, by concepts of justice and support for the rule of law, and by the love and respect they extend to fellow human beings.