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Friday, 11 February 2011

Michael Portillo on Megrahi: "The little Scottish government would not have dared ...”

A totally patronising, inaccurate and superficial view of the Megrahi issue from Michael Portillo, failed Tory politician. "The little Scottish government would not have dared ... to take such a decision ... without being pushed by this Government."

An equally patronising view of devolved government by a Labour woman - whose name I can't be bothered to find out. Devolved administrations  " ... don't always understand how significant some of their decisions are."

There speak two archetypal representatives of a failed political culture and structure and  a discredited, dying United Kingdom. In their little Westminster village, and blinkered media bubble, they are completely unable to understand the feelings, aspirations and significance of other countries such as Scotland.

No wonder the Egyptian revolution caught such people in the UK Government and diplomatic services with their collective knickers down.

And Andrew Neil, a Scot, sat there and swallowed the insults, with only the most feeble of rebuttals. This is what  UK politicians and their media hacks think of Scotland, the Scots  and their elected government.

Reach for your forelock, smile ingratiatingly, Scots, or for God's sake stand up and do something about it on May 5th - and beyond.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Andy Burnham, loyalty and Labour

Anything is preferable to the gruesome Miliband Brothers, and since Diane Abbott has no chance, Labour supporters are left with Andy Burnham. I suppose he is the least worst option. He apparently disliked everything about the Blair/Brown years, but did sod all about it. Excuse? He was loyal.

Yes, loyal to his own career, unlike Robin Cook, Claire Short and others who did act on principle. Make no mistake, Burnham is cut from the same cloth as the Milibands - the brand is just less visible... But he won't get elected - Labour supporters - especially Scottish Labour supporters - have lost all capacity to tell shit from Shinola these days, especially at Westminster elections.

Illegal wars, lying to Parliament, attacks on legal freedoms, money grubbing, rampant municipal corruption, failure to address, in 13 wasted years, everything the People's Party ever stood for, MPs and Labour Lords on criminal charges - nothing removes the scales from their eyes.

Tick the Labour box. Why? Because that's what we've always done…

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The hypocrisy of Gordon Brown and Labour

The deep, cynical hypocrisy of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party is starkly and painfully exposed by this clip of a young girl - Tiari Sanchez - breaking down in tears as she talks of her family's poverty on a Citizens UK platform.

Her mother is a cleaner at the Treasury - yes, the Treasury - run by Gordon Brown for most of Labour's 13 wasted years in office.

The spectacle of Brown moving forward to comfort her, wrapping his arms around her and moving her away from the podium is deeply disturbing in the light of what we now know was the cause of her family's poverty.

 Andrew Neill is merciless with Douglas Alexander, and pitilessly destroys his feeble attempts to shuffle off Government complicity in the girl's distress.