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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Trump, the greenkeeper and the mound

A correspondent called my attention to the story in today’s papers about the alleged sacking of the greenkeeper by the Trump organisation. My reply was as follows -


Thanks for the link. I read the Scotsman report today. I have little doubt that Donald Trump will play hardball in an attempt to bring home to those refusing to sell or move the reality of their situation - planning permission has been granted for the development and the work must go ahead, and the residents are now living in the middle of a major construction project. If he has breached the planning regulations in the process, then the planning authorities will deal with him.

If they were holding out for a realistic price and compensation, as is Margaret Jaconelli, I would be on their side, but as they are not, I cannot support their position.

Peter Curran

4th Nov, 2010