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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Edinburgh Trams – a Labour, LibDem and Tory shambles

The Edinburgh Trams project, misconceived and doomed to fail.

The previous Labour/LibDem coalition conceived this folly.

The SNP vigorously opposed it before they were in government and after.

The Tories compound the Labour/LibDem folly by refusing to back the SNP   government on cancellation of the project.

Now we have a high-profile resignation,(David Mackay) and a train wreck of an interview of Councillor Gordon Mackenzie, LibDem convenor of the ill-fated project, who can offer no explanations, no figures, no completion forecasts, but is resolute in one thing only - he won't resign.

God Help Scotland if we let any of these people - Labour, LibDem or Tories - back into government in Holyrood in 2011.

Labour wrecked the UK economy while in government.

The ConLib coalition are busy compounding their failure by their ill-considered and economically lethal savage cuts programme.

Vote SNP again in 2011 and save Scotland - and your future and the futures of your children and grandchildren.