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Thursday, 5 September 2013

After the Referendum? A lyric …

I wrote this lyric, and tried to sing it to a latin beat, but my singing voice is not good, so I took the YouTube track down.

It works reasonably well with the melody of “After the Ball”, and can be used in various beats and grooves. Give it a try and see if you can do better than me with the musical side of it.


After the referendum
After the talking's done
In a September sunset
After the race is run

After we've made our choices
After the people speak
What kind of voice will sound then
Strong, clear - or weak?

After the voting's over
After the ballot's done
What will the count reveal then
Who will it show has won?

After the votes are counted
Then we will know our fate
Will we regret chances lost then
When it's too late?

After they seal the boxes
After the die is cast
Will we have seized our moment
- or let our moment pass?

After the referendum
After the people speak
Will we be Scotland the Brave or
- Scotland the Weak?

© Peter Curran 2013



D/// | Bm///| Em7/// | A7///


D/// | G/// | D///|  D///
D/// D/// A7/// A7///
Em/// |  Em/// | B7/// | Em///
A7/// | A7/// | D/// | A7///

D/// | G/// |  D/// | D///
B7/// | B7/// | E7/// | E7///
A7/// | A7///| D/// | B7///
E7/// | A7/// | D/// | D///