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Monday, 15 November 2010

Rob Stewart’s video of PIcamp 13th November

My thanks to Rob Stewart for having the foresight to video the plenary session of the PIcamp in Edinburgh on Saturday – an event that still has my head buzzing with new ideas - Rob Stewart's blog – and for giving me permission to embed his video of the plenary session.

My thanks also to Mick Fealty and Paul Evans, the organisers of this valuable and paradigm-changing event, and to the four panellists who spoke at the opening session, standing bravely in the firing line and holding their cool superbly. Although they don’t necessarily share my politics, I would like to know them all better, and that’s a quantum leap for me over the last couple of years of partisan blogging.

Thanks also to Pat Kane, who arrived late – blame the rugby and the railway – and who gave the kind of incisive input Scotland has come to associate with him.

Political Innovation plenary session from Robert Stewart on Vimeo.