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Thursday, 2 February 2012

“The overwhelming opinion in Scotland”–two versions in the education debate 2nd Feb 2012

It gets interesting at the 13.40 minute mark.

“That dreadful, anti-Scottish, anti-education  trap” is an accurate description of  the Tories/LibDem Coalition, and their Scottish puppets, Labour are edging towards it – let’s not be afraid to say it …

Say it again and louder.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

That referendum - 'Bring it on' - the Stupid Party's view

Liz Smith demands that Alex Salmond calls the referendum now, and threatens UK implementation. Bring it on, says Wendy Mark II, to the incredulity and thinly-concealed derision of Brian Taylor.

The Tory Party in Westminster is known as The Stupid Party - and lately The Nasty Party. I had hoped that Scottish Tories were neither. Liz Smith certainly isn't nasty nor is she stupid - normally - but on this showing, she is demonstrating zero political nous, and appears ignorant of the fact that her London bosses have already ruled out the mad Forsythian idea of the UK government calling the Scottish referendum.

Get a grip, Liz ... You mustn't listen to the wee Laird o' Drumlean - he's yesterday's man.