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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

LibDems - the failed, bitter, vengeful UK party that attacks the SNP

This is the failed, discredited party that attacks the most successful party in Britain - the Scottish National Party.

It has five - yes, 5 - MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. It would be obliterated if a UK general election was called now. It has lied to the electorate. It has failed to deliver in Coalition. It is now Tory in all but name.

Its former Scottish leader, Tavish Scott, is now bitter, vengeful towards the SNP, and blames his own UK party for wrecking his political career. Well, they helped, Tavish, but you did a pretty good job of wrecking it yourself ....

And the Colonial Governor of Scotland, Michael Moore, a LibDem, attacks the SNP. the decisively elected government of Scotland, and in doing so, attacks the Scottish people.

Adjectives for LibDems - ineffectual, naive, expedient - and vicious in failure ...


  1. Hi Peter, I watched Alexander, Moore, Clegg et al and had the feeling from what I saw that there was a sense of righteous superiority emanating from these fellows.

    It may be just my take because having so few representatives and generally being hated so much in Scotland, one would imagine a little humility would have been the order of the day.

    Though if I'm right, the last time I witnessed such self-righteous all knowing wisdom was from the Thatcherite junta.

    In any case, my suspicion that Lib Dems were just Tories in drag has been richly supported by the Cleggites currently spreading their governmental wings (right-wings that is).