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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The mob hysteria of the Westminster Unionist MPs – Scottish questions

The mob hysteria of the Westminster Unionist MPs grow as the polls narrow, moving towards a YES.

There are calls, some heartfelt, most deeply hypocritical, for a more respectful independence debate at this crucial point in Scotland and the United Kingdom's history. Whatever the outcome, Scots will live with it and with each other, amicably and respectfully.

But the shame of sessions like these will never die - Scottish MPs attacking the aspirations of at least 40% of their fellow Scots in the most contemptuous and often factually inaccurate manner, ganging up on the lonely, but dignified six nationalist MPs waiting for their release from this chamber of a failed democracy into commencing their great task of building a new Scotland.

Say YES, Scots, and never be subjected to such offensive, patronising and contemptuous behaviour ever again.

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