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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Marr and Mandelson on Miliband: trades unions, Iraq and the Chilcot Inquiry


"Ed Miliband faces a big test of his leadership in relation to the trade unions - he's got to win the fight that he started - and, quite rightly, to reform the relationship."

"He's got to navigate his way through what could be a very difficult minefield - that is, The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War"

Chilcot Report expected "somewhere in mid-year"

Just in time to bury Blair, Brown, Mandelson and the reputation of Scottish Labour before Scotland's Referendum on September 18th - unless Chilcot is a whitewash, which is unlikely but possible, given the high stakes for UK involved.

Ed Miliband is not up to any of these challenges.


  1. Hi Peter! I saw that you blocked me on Twitter. I'm sorry.. I hope I didn't do something awful! Kinda shocked.

    1. I don't knopw your Twitter ID, Michael, so can't offer an explanation.
      Twitter occasionally blocks, unfollows and generally buggers things up of its own accord, so that's a possibility.

      My usual reasons for blocking are

      1) Abuse
      2) Trolling of circuitous or repetitive arguments
      3) Heavy retweeting of items that are irrelevant to my core interest (Scottish independence)
      4) anything that clutters my timeline with stuff that is irrelevant to me, however relevant to the sender.
      5) Daisy-chaining the addresses list, and associating me with people I have no connection with.
      6) Tweets that would attract the attention of m'learded friend as libellous or defamatory.

      I fully expect others to block me for the same reasons - and they regularly do!

      Sned me your Twitter ID and I'll check, Michael.



  2. No problem! I'm generally obsessed with the Referendum, but I'm a but loud and incapable of censoring myself! Haha! @mrmchoohaa is me, but I understand if you feel the need to 'edit' here and there. :-) I was super worried I said something stupid.

    1. Unblocked, Michael. No idea why you were blocked. I'll wait and see ...