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Saturday, 11 May 2013

YES campaign becalmed or going backwards? Angus Macleod and Gerry Hassan on Good Morning Scotland

Angus Macleod: "The SNP and the YES Campaign have been unable to answer the questions the electorate are asking."

The SNP and the YES Campaign ARE answering the questions the electorate are asking, Angus - in policy papers, online, on the media, on the doorsteps, in leaflets and information sheets.
What they are not doing is answering the Unionist press version of what the electorate are asking, or more accurately, what you would like them to ask - negative questions with a closed agenda. And of course, your paper, The Times, and the others have no interest in publishing the real answers and facts given.

We are in a war of facts and ideals - I know what side you are on and what side I am on, and I and thousands like me are working tirelessly to get the real answers and the true facts out to the Scottish electorate, who, as you rightly say, are intelligent - and will listen and evaluate.

Gerry Hassan: "Basically, I think the SNP are in the wrong strategy, wrong question, wrong timescale."

Angus Macleod: "Gerry's absolutely right .."

Well, that was really helpful, Gerry - advanced the cause of independence no end ... acting as straight man, feeding lines to The Unionist Times correspondent.


  1. Shadowy unionist control and lazy journalism at the BBC and MSM have allowed the Better Together people to drag the debate down into the gutter with their daily insults and "ye cannae dae that" stories rather than engaging in a proper informed debate.

    Their campaign has, so far, been most successful in switching the independence debate away from grand visions of Scotland's future and into the minutiae that switches voters off in droves.

    This all fits nicely with their other tactic of connecting and confusing SNP policy with what an independent Scots government may or may not do.

    The No campaign wants to bore Scottish voters into submission, or into not voting at all.

    So far, it's a strategy that's paying dividends.

  2. The reality is that nobody knows why the polls are static (at best). I could argue my views of policies and narratives that I disagree with, but that would just be blaming behaviour, just like blaming media or even the Scottish electorate. And I'd probably be as wrong as the next guy.

    Effective performers, successful professionals in all walks of life never ever blame their competitors, opponents, the climate, etc. - they analyse their own performance objectively and ruthlessly, listen to people they respect, modify their behaviour - and go on to win.

    That's the only way to success.