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Monday, 22 October 2012

Blair Jenkins: “Who on earth would vote for that package? Who on earth would vote for that Union?


  1. Hi Peter

    Thanks for this. I did not get to see the conference as I am currently outwith Scotland. I have always considered that the argument put by Blair is THE crucial one.

    If we were not in the Union now, would we vote to join? What would be the compelling arguments to join?

    What continues to bemuse me, and at time infuriate me, is that many Scots do not seem to believe that we can and should be our own 'masters'.

    I want Scots to decide whether we have free education, health, bus-passes. I want Scots to decide if we have an inclusive welfare state, or a more equitable tax regime, or choose to invest in jobs and not WMD, or send our troops off to fight in foreign wars. This should be OUR decision, and not some remote politician in a city 500 miles away who knows little and cares less for Scotland and the Scottish people.

    Why would I join the Union? There is no reason I can think of.

    Saor Alba

  2. Brilliant! A fresh approach, and what a winner. Turn the question on its head and really make people wonder about what they're holding on for. Boy, if I were in the SNP, I would grab this ball and run with it all the way down the court... or insert here an appropriately Scottish sports idiom. :)

  3. Political freedom for a fair, just, equal, and wealthy Scotland seems like a good fight is in the offing!!

  4. Thanks for posting.