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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Referendum Consultation changes–and complaints against the First Minister

By and large, I’m now satisfied with the SNP retrieval of credibility and response to the referendum consultation debacle, both with Bruce Crawford’s comments in the press release and Stewart Hosie’s online comments.

But we need to tighten up our game in many respects. The Party was too slow to respond to the Cruddas story last week, at fault with the referendum consultation online design, and slow and inadequate in its initial responses to an unfolding crisis.

Last night on Newsnight Scotland, Jim Eadie for the SNP missed an open goal with Kezia Dugdale because he didn't know that the FM had referred a complaint about himself to the Standards body, nor did he appear to know about the list of failed complaints (100% failure rate).

The press release on this went out at 6 pm, therefore must have been drafted at least an hour before that.

Even assuming that the Newsnicht interview was recorded earlier in the evening, he should have know. I knew from 6 pm, responded and by the end of the evening at least another 1000 Scots knew from my blog (hit counter).

Not good enough yet …

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