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Friday, 10 February 2012

A message to Glasgow Labour councillors – don’t be part of the death of Labour – be part of the future of Scotland

The Glasgow Labour ship is aground, holed below the waterline, but may float until May.

To Labour councillors - I have this to say - you can't avoid risk either way, so make the smart bet - move to the SNP. You'll be welcomed, and your constituents will understand - but only if you do it now, and spend the next ten weeks or so explaining and convincing them. If you truly believe in Glasgow, you MUST do it - and you can.

Don't be part of the collapse of Glasgow Labour - be part of the future of Scotland!


  1. Once described as the fairest city in Europe, its academics shaped the modern world as we know it, once again Glasgow will emerge as a major
    European city.......vassals no more !!!

  2. Dear God,
    Words fail me. This has gone on for generations now - a festering boil on the Glaswegian & much else of the Scottish municipal polity. However, it looks like that boil is messily bursting yet the Tammany Hall rearguard refuse to recognize the realities & simply trot out the same, tired, old cliches.

    Decent Labour councillors need to examine their consciences & repudiate this Orwellian farce - they need to resign and "cross the floor" & serve their constituents & not the corrupt party machine that is Labour in Scotland (adjunct most passive & collusive with London's hegemonic, faux/anti-socialist agenda).

    For some, the SNP might be a psychological step too far; therefore, they might consider re-constituting the Scottish Labour Party - genuinely independent from London manipulation, and re-dedicated to the early vision of the socialist movement in Scotland, of Red Clydeside, and the restoration of Scottish sovereignty. Anything else, is moral cowardice.

    One can only hope that this poisonous Kafke-esque nightmare is finally drawing to a close as it is increasingly exposed to the cleansing sunlight.

    Alba agus Glaschu gu brath