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Monday, 16 January 2012

The Glasgow East Regeneration Agency and the Deals, settlement and payoffs

Peter Curran


A necessary reminder – click link

The Sun's report on the horrifying forced eviction of the Jaconelli's by 80 police, masked council workers, with 15 riot vans

moridura Peter Curran

The fight for justice for Dalmarnock families against the injustice of GCC goes on with Mike Dailly Govan Law Centre dealing with legalities

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The Glasgow East Regeneration Agency epitomises Labour rule in Glasgow for over half a century. But there's the Games. Aye, political games!

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All Labour Glasgow East Regeneration Agency directors and property developers have done well financially. Most families have done very badly

moridura Peter Curran

GERA made Dalmarnock families homeless and destroyed small businesses. For almost all, no settlement in sight. Law grinds on slowly.

moridura Peter Curran

GERA - Glasgow East Regeneration Agency that destroyed the property of residents? FACT. Go and look at the rubble that once was a community.

moridura Peter Curran

GERA - Glasgow East Regeneration Agency that destroyed the property of residents and small businesses of Dalmarnock. Property developers OK!

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3 of the 5 GERA directors who approved Saez deal were Labour councillors. After leaving GERA, Saez went into business with Frank McAveety, former Labour MSP

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John Mason SNP calls the Saez payoff 'morally unacceptable'. Deal signed off by George Redmond - Labour councillor. Mason says OSCR should investigate.

moridura Peter Curran

#GCC Jaconelli's brutally evicted from home - still no settlement.

 Ronnie Saez gets £500k payoff. Job? CEO - Glasgow East Regeneration Agency


  1. A cool half million pounds for accomplishing little.

    The circumstances of his Labour links combined with his being awarded 6 extra years pension entitlement for years he wasn't actually a council employee... nice work if you can get it - kind of like a Glasgow council seat in the House of Lords (albeit less well paid).

    Party politics aside, I can't fathom why people have voted these people in year in and year out.