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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Facade of Daily Record and Scottish Daily Mail objectivity collapses quickly

Magnus Gardham of the The Daily Record and Katie Grant of The Scottish Daily Mail start in fine objective commentary style, but the facade collapse rather quickly in as Ewan Crawford, in his calm, unruffled style draws them out of their comfort zone.

I had a Twitter debate yesterday with David Torrance, Alex Salmond's biographer, about the key distinction between neutrality and objectivity. (I like to think of myself as objective, but I am anything but neutral). All three here are aligned - two union and one independence, but I rather think Gardham and Grant hoped to be - albeit briefly - taken for neutral.

Don't worry guys, no decent journalist telling the truth to power was ever neutral, and when the independence of a country is on the agenda, it's time to take sides in the argument.

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