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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Last chance saloon for Scottish Labour leadership candidates–Newsnicht

Here they are for the last throw of the die - those who would lead Scottish Labour. A policy and ideas vacuum.

But of the three, it is clear that Ken Macintosh, on this showing, is the most intellectually able and articulate. If only he had something to say ...

Johann Lamont repeats her mantra of "better life chances for children". Who does she think was in power in Scotland for 50 years or so before 1997. Who was in power in the UK for 13 of the last fourteen years? Why, Labour of course! Who then destroyed their life chances in the first place?

Nobody asked that question, although a couple of questioners came close. Not even the redoubtable Raymond Buchanan, who was otherwise excellent and incisive, asked it.




  1. Dear Peter
    Txs for posting these variations on the three monkeys. In this case, perhaps, arrogance/ignorance/and the "smooth" mooth of the serpent - stick the donkey's tail where you will as I am hard pressed as to where I should pin it myself (although Mr Harris's arrogant, bully boy body language and heid-maisterish prodding of his digit inclines me to categorise him in the first bracket).

    Quite appalling performances in toto. And one of these cartoonish creations wishes to lead the opposition in Holyrood and slink around representing Scotland on UK trade missions - they jest, I trust and hope.

    Given the generations of this type "at the helm", it is no wonder most of us have fled, or were forced, overseas.