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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The EU and Scotland–Michael Moore fumbles and bumbles through Cameron’s EU veto shambles


  1. Bumbling is the right word - is this the best that the UK government can produce to represent our interests at Westminster? Can't even get a straight answer out of the man.

  2. The more I see of Michael Moore, especially last night I think of the Charles Kennedy / Eric Joyce syndrome.

    Or was it just bad lighting, befuddled thinking and having to defend the indefensible?

  3. Peter, Michael Moore, when Brewer tried to pin him down, just blundered and blustered his answers, overtalking Brewer's questions and in effect simply not answering to the point.

    While, this may be an expected interview tactic by politicians, one is left with the dismal belief that wee jock-public in Scotland is not being looked after by this SOS's flim-flam; in fact wee jock-public is being stitched up day and daily!

    Moore's whole tenor was predicated, not upon Scotland, but on the LibDem's future in the UK and to answer Kane, the obvious reason he was appointed is to be cynically dis-interested in Scotland and totally fixated with keeping his defunct office open for UK/GB PLC's benefit and usefulness.

    This guy, this office, this Union, are pernicious useless encumbrances besetting Scotland and they have to be ditched pronto, Tonto.

    Interestingly, no reaction (twice) to Brewer's tag of him as " are a federalist...".

  4. You said it, Baropntorc, and I agree ...



  5. It was just bad lighting, befuddled thinking and having to defend the indefensible, LupusIncomitatus. I don't speculate on other matters - tends to lead to calls from m'learned friends ...