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Thursday, 10 November 2011

The sordid attack by Scottish MPs on Scotland's freedom - with help from English MPs

Here they are – the sordid little gang of high-road-to-England Tory, Labour and LibDem MPs (the SNP MPs participate in Westminster of reluctantly and of necessity while it lasts) who know their careers will vanish like snaw aff a dyke when the Union ends.

We have Margaret Curran, Labour MP for Glasgow East since 2010, formerly an MSP, now Shadow Scottish Secretary, and Willie Bain, Labour MP for Glasgow North East, now Shadow Scottish Minister. Both of them come from constituencies that are among the most deprived in Scotland, a decline and deprivation that Labour has presided over for well over half a century. Willie Bain is the successor in this Labour poverty-stricken fiefdom of Michael Martin, formerly the Speaker of the House of Commons who was forced to resign in disgrace after the expenses scandal, and who is now a  Lord, safely distanced from from the poverty and deprivation of Springburn, from whence he and Oor Wullie both sprang.

Margaret and Willie sit cheek by jowl on the green benches, smiling supportively at each other – a kind of fairy tale hybrid couple. Across the gangway from them sit Michael Moore, Scottish Secretary and David Mundel, Scottish minister.

Both of these MPs are entirely unrepresentative of Scottish politics today, although they both represent the bad judgement of those who elected them. Both are members of political parties who face near extinction in Scotland. In Michael Moore’s case, were there a general election tomorrow, he and his party would almost certainly vanish. David Mundel’s party is already in self-destruct mode, something an endangered species can do without, but in a general election, the electorate of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale might well continue to display the execrable taste in politicians that has characterised them for a long time, so he might survive. (Maybe they’re too close to the Border …)

These two joined-at-the-hip double acts collectively form a discordant quartet at Scottish questions, given that their parties detest each other, but are united in their common desperate quest for survival in the face of their county’s independence. In this, they get support from sundry backbench – and backwoods – Tories, in this outing Norman Bone, who fancies himself as a wag, a hard-faced Essex Tory girl and a Scot who is MP for the English constituency of Fylde, so he’s alright, Jock when independence comes.

But let them speak for themselves, and try not to feel nausea and utter contempt as you listen – it won’t be long …


  1. Ha, ha, these MPs for English constituencies sticking their beaks in won't do the unionist cause any favours. Love David Mundane gravely intoning that the UK has never faced a greater threat from separatists...Ireland anyone? And Mickey Moose reckons Willie Bane is "forensic"?! Christ almighty, these 3 stooges unwittingly make a great case for the union - at least within the UK their idiocy is diluted amongst a larger population.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Teddy Taylor (remember him?) once said famously that if Scotland became Independent he, and people like him, would leave. Fortunately, in his case, we did not have to wait that long. Lets hope that Michael Moore and those of his kidney do likewise.


  3. I do remember Teddy Taylor, Rab. The people who say that never do leave - I remember Paul Daniels, magician - saying that if Labour were elected he would leave. He didn't, and I was glad, because despite his primitive Tory views, he was a superb magician, and his mastery of close-up magic with cards - legerdemain - was absolute.

    The Scottish Tories could do with him now - they needed a magician, not a kick boxer.

  4. Peter - as you say it's gut-wrenching stuff watching these excuses for Scots strut their tiny wee stage for their flash-in-the-pan 15 minutes of fame.

    I have often wondered whether the SNP presence in London is legitimising this cynically driven charade passing for a mutually beneficial union?

    What would happen if all the SNP pulled up sticks and turned their backs on Westminster just as Sinn Fein's boycotting did?

  5. I'vewondered that too, Barontorc. There may come a moment ...

    But right now, it sereves two purposes - to have an ear in Westminster, and to influence what can be influenced.

    And there's the contrast between the dignity and calm of the SNP MPs and the incoherent, intellectually vacuous Empire-speak of the ... the what's? I struggle to find a name for these excuses for Scots that's not either inadequate or libellous.

  6. FROM STEVIE (edited by me)

    ...after the expenses scandal, I actually saw a Labour English MP, ... John McDonald. I heard that fellow give a speech in parliament and was literally gobsmacked at his obvious sense of decency. My father said he is one of the two or three good ones in that party.

    He was ignored by his party and slapped down into silence by Brown's cohorts.

    When one sees the Bains and Currans of this world, one is dismayed, saddend and disgusted at their attitude to the aspirations of a large % of Scotland.

    I thank you as ever for putting them into perspective Peter - you do a service to your native land that few can.

    Take it easy but don't stop, you add a contribution that helps in a real sense. It was very clear for example that your 'Citigroup' blog guided the SNP's respone, what there was of it. Methinks, they prefer not to stir a sleeping giant as corrupt as Citigroup.

  7. Peter

    I do not know if you read The Scottish Left Review, but if you have not seen it you may find this article on Scottish independence from a left perspective interesting.

  8. Peter

    I also remember a certain underwear manufacturer saying she would leave Scotland if the SNP were elected in 2007.

    How did that go again?

  9. The Scottish Left Review article is interesting, Dubbieside, and it covers a theme that I have returned to again and again, besdt summarised by SLR's highlighted para

    "For example, the recent revelation that 45 per cent of Scottish Unison members cast an SNP vote in that election raises serious questions about the direction and formulation of policy within such organisations, at least sufficiently enough extent for the union leadership to reconsider positions which may be entirely out of step with their membership"

    I may return to this soon in a blog. Thasnks for sending the link ...

  10. Peter, there is so much of a sleeping giant, such as the 45% Unison voters for the SNP, whilst they're still paying their union dues that go to Labour, who are not yet polled about Scotland's future in the referendum.

    This must be giving the sh***ers to the unionistas. Long may it continue.

    I see that 'dumpling' Danny Alexander has been shoved, way down the green leather bench in parliament today - good enough for the toady - he really is worthless, even to these other cretins.

  11. Among the many awful spectacles the Commons presents, the sight of Liberal Democrats sidling up to their Tory masters,smiling and nodding sychophantically has been one of the most nuseating, Barontorc.

    I don't dislike Danny Alexander - I feel sorry for him. He was always a boy sent to do a man's job, and he has never lost that rabbit-in-the-headlights look.

  12. Peter

    In the article in Scottish Left Review I was also struck by the poll for the Fire Brigade Union where 70% supported independence. I was not aware of this (given our MSM that should not be a surprise) but it is a surprising revelation.

    There are really two questions arising from that, are SNP head office aware of such a good poll, and if they were why have they not tried to maximise the P.R. this could generate.

    P.S. Re Scottish question time, do the SNP really have to produce TV adverts. A two minute excerpt from this farce with a strap line of "is this really why you voted to send them to Westminster"

  13. It amuses me that the Tories love to moan about the West Lothian question, and yet here are a bunch of English Tory MPs chipping in at Scottish Questions with their ill-informed nonsense.

    It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is incredibly colonial.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. The Fire Brigades Union is not affiliated to the Labour Party, dubbieside - and there you have it. They are focused solely on the interests of their members, not on the political careers of their full-time officers.

    The sooner Scottish trades unionists realise that they are being betrayed by their salaried union officials - or at least most of them - the better. Hard times are coming and some hard men and women will be needed from the Scottish Trades Union movement to protect their members against them. They won't get that protection or leadership from the present UK Labour Party-obsessed careerists.

    Campbell Christie, a good man, a man I respected, is gone, and his death heralds the end of an era, and I hope of a resurgence of a truly Scottish trades union movement.

  16. Colonial is the word for it, Doug Daniel - as is patronising, ill-informed, offensive, etc. I love it! The politics of Union insult has served us well for years now - long may it continue.