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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

O the naughty cybernats in the Scotsman!

Interesting comments float in the stagnant sea of bile in today’s Scotsman, alleged swimming ground of the nasty cybernats. Here’s one comment on the item -

Westminster may hand over control of referendum

- from a loyal supporter of the UK and all that makes Britain great.

52 B Cole

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 03:55 PM

You Scots don't know how lucky you are , We English have been successfully neutered by the Scotch Raj sitting in the English Parliament. Give us a referendum and England will ditch the United Kingdom and with it the whingeing Scots. Voila, Scotch independence by default As to starting wars, correct me if I'm wrong but the last two wars were started by the Scotch. But then again if things go wrong blame the English. Sadly the English now consider Scotland a bit of an irrelevance so get on with it and get out.

A true cybernat, Trogg, was immediately outraged by this comment – a Trogg feeding a Troll – but his complaint of foul abuse was rather blunted by his calling B. Cole a “a nasty, racist, xenophobic pig!

Lads, lads, please … (surely not lassies?)

The Scotsman, needless to say, loves this kind of thing, and as befits a responsible national newspaper, justifies it on the grounds of it being the voice of the people, rather than poor editorial standards and sloppy moderation policies.

Unionist politicians manage to avert their eyes from the UKnats and see only the cybernats, allowing them to tut-tut periodically


  1. It's good to know that topical themes are still being immortalised in the music scene. A DVD boxed set would make a good gift for Independence day.

  2. !00 years from today, in an independent Scotland, when the UK is just an historical footnote, folklorists and musicologists will pore over the song and offer complex interpretations of the lyric, cynicalHighlander.

  3. That would be nice.

    PS Re your follow-up assessment of Ms Lamont, she seems a decent enough person, but hardly in the same league as the early Scottish suffragettes or MacLean or Connolly. More of the Cunctatus the Delayer type recipe for fighting a unionist rearguard action feminised Mark 2 (pace Ms Alexander, Retd).

    Still, I may be wrong, and hope so.


  4. I can't see a song - it's black.

    Is this a metaphor?

    I find myself hardly ever commenting on the Scotman comment threads because the newspaper itself is really not worth reading at all (all Brit nat opinion pieces - predominantly Labour - with the odd Joan McAlpine piece to balance the Brit nat miasma)?

    The comment threads a re a depressing bottomless pit of people commenting on dross 'articles' and it's just simply sad.

    As you pointed out, the independent I Sunday is doing well. I don't read it but I imagine they have actual journalists as opposed to the Scotsman opinionists.

    When will the Scotsman ask itself why it's about to close its doors?

    The two answers are: 1) a constant stream of opinion pieces from a dying pro-unionist culture. Opinion pieces aren't helpful if people disagree with your opinion; 2) they have little by the way of actual journalistic reporting.

    I read a few local online Scottish newspapers who report the local news and they're far better than the Scotsman.

    Still, it's a shame it has to die.

  5. I don't know why you can't see the song, Stevie - it's working OK on my computer.

  6. It's Firefox - Chrome works fine, apparently people on the net say it will be okay in a wee while.