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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alex Salmond on The One Show


  1. Peter, someone's going to get their cage rattled for giving Alex Salmond so much free-air time - and what exposure it was, for which, we're truly grateful!

    What he did do, again so well, was to put over a balanced and threat-less view of Scotland and the future for all concerned.

    Good stuff - for a change, I'm pleased with auntie Beeb!

  2. Barontorc pleased with the Beeb! I've marked this event with a special notation in the calendar.

    The appearance was worth its in weight in gold, or rather votes for independence. The delighted surprise of the two hosts at a politician who gave straight answers with wit and wisdom was something to see.

    Gaun yersel, Alex ...

  3. It was an excellent performance, straight from his quip about everyone celebrating his birthday on Hogmanay. Matt Baker in particular started off being a bit sneery, with his throwaway "you can't run a country on whisky and biscuits" comment, but Big Eck's assured answers to EVERY question soon put him in his place. The "quick, get this on VT!" comment while holding the England scarf was classic Salmond wit.

    As someone said on Twitter, they gave him a harder time than Iain Gray ever has!

    It's quite funny though, because they had all those questions from the public about what independence would mean for people in the military, ex-pats, TV programmes etc, thinking that they would trip him up. He had an answer for them all, and convincing ones at that. It's strange how people seem to think they can rattle Alex Salmond's cage by forcing him to talk about independence, just as the unionist politicians think Salmond hates being put on the spot about independence - do they not realise it's his favourite subject?!

  4. Peter

    Many thanks. A great politician at the top of his game.

    I just had an terrible thought, just imagine May had not happened and it had been Iain Gray there representing Scotland, I would have had to hide behind the couch.

    If it had been Lamont or whats his name the TV would be out the window.

  5. I almost wish IG had been on immediately after the FM, Dubbieside.

  6. We have Willie Rennie to thank for preparing the ground for the focres debate by his contemptible question at FMQs. He did us all a favour, Doug.

  7. Speaking of the WR - who I wish would just shut up - I've never understood why Lib Dems exist.

    I've always thought they were Tories who just didn't quite have the heart to admit they were Tories.

    Now, they are clearly as Tory as the Tories - some of them on the right of the Tory party, others on the far 'left' of the Tory party.

    Danny Alexander and Michael Moore will jump the Lib Dem ship and join the Tories in England eventually.