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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some Scots never change–Andrew Neil 1976


  1. Peter, how on earth do you uncover these ancient progs? I'll bet AN is happier with his hair now than he was then - but its the same old same old however, in 30 years their fright-ners are still from the same song-book, how lazy can you get? It even seems that AN was wheeled-in as a specialist reporter going by the credits.

    Thank goodness he's been keeping us right for all these years. Where would we have been without him and the others who clearly cared a great deal for our interests?

  2. I'm indebted to my son, who found it on YouTube.

    What about the bold Dr. Fox, then!

    Thanks for posting, Barontorc.

  3. And just 3 years later the darkness descended. If only Scotland had become independent in 1974.

    It was ironic seeing the attack on independence mentioned in the same breath as the future promise of Scotland's steel industry.

    Thatcher put paid to that with her own steal industry.

    Her decision to deindustrialise Scotland and the North of England caused so much agony.

    Salmond wants to REindustrialise Scotland - I didn't even know this word existed till he used it. Hope he manages it.