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Saturday, 3 September 2011

UK and No. 10 complicit in torture and rendition in Libya - Is this 'Britishness'?

Watch the first five minutes or so of this, and listen to the categorical denials of senior UK spooks about involvement in rendition and torture.

MI6 is the intelligence arm of the UK government - the one that denied involvement in rendition and torture, denied complicity with Moussa Koussa and the brutal Gadaffi regime - the government that presumed, with barefaced hypocrisy, to criticise the Scottish Government’s legal, moral, principled and humane release of a dying criminal, Megrahi.

The hands of New Labour and Blair and Brown are all over this one, and the benighted Coalition were involved until the Arab Spring caught them with their pants down.

Is this the special nature of the quality of 'Britishness' that is used to justify arguing that Scots should not seek their freedom from a discredited regime, the UK and Westminster government and the poisoned Union that is now crumbling by the day?

Number 10 were up to their dirty necks in the Gadaffi regime, until Cameron expediently jumped on board a NATO and French initiative when he saw which way the wind was blowing. The UK will piously back democracy and freedom anywhere in the world when its suits their purpose - except of course Scotland's democratic and human right to end a union they were bribed and coerced into over 300 years ago.


  1. Ah, now I begin to put the 'deal in the desert' into some context.

    Basically, Libya would play ball with oil and British intelligencea and MI6 would support Gaddafi's regime.

    Megrahi, being just a courtesy favour till the Scottish government got in the way of repatriating Megrahi.

    Had there been no Scottish government, Megrahi would have been returned home with the blessing of the CIA and MI6 and the UK and US governments. There would have been little noise from the Brit nats especially in Scotland.

    The point is now clear to me that Gray must have kbown about al this and Murphy was very well aware. Cynicism - that's British diplomacy.

  2. It's called realpolitik, Stevie - or as I prefer to call it, cynical and amoral UK political expediency. Perhaps John McTernan, as someone who was close to Blair and New Labour can elucidate.

  3. Peter - this is way over our heads - we're small beans in the "worldly" way of politics - and so be it and may it continue that we're un-involved for all time as far a I'm concerned.

    Let's just get the hell out of this nightmare scenario and the UK Government's plain couldn't give a toss-ed-ness about what we think!

  4. Hi Peter,

    Just when you think there cannot be any more reasons for feeling ashamed to be British, they come up with another one.

    I despair.


  5. I don't feel ashamed to be British, Rab, because I'm not - I'm Scottish. Neither should the English be ashamed, nor the Welsh, nor the Northern Irish. What we should be ashamed of is the corrupt and failing state called the UK.

    I look forward to Britain and British reverting to being a geographical descriptions, not a nationality - in fact technically, it never has been a nationality.

  6. We're a small country, Barontorc, but once we're independent we will play a significant part in the world, not by brute force and realpolitik, but by inventiveness, culture and moral leadership. And we will play a significant part in Europe and the UN.

    Nothing is above us or beyond us - it never has been. Look at our achievements.

  7. Hi Peter,

    Nice try lad, but whether you like it or not (and for myself, I don't like it at all) you are currently as British as I am. We are governed by the British Government, pay British taxes (well at least I do), contribute to the maintenance of the British Broadcasting Corporation and hold British passports. So whether you like it nor not these things are done in your name too.

    On the bright side, it makes me all the more determined, and I know this is true for you too, to help Scotland become Independent as soon as possible.

    Keep up the good work.


  8. Being governed, taxed by the UK does not make me British. I am a Scot, by birth and by inclination. I look forward to my first Scottish passport, although I don't plan to go anywhere ...