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Friday, 2 September 2011

One of the many faces of the Union – a YouTube comment

I pre-moderate comments on my blog and on my YouTube channel, TAofMoridura. Many are too abusive, foul-mouthed (I’m no angel myself, but favour the asterisk!) or would place me at risk of being sued. But I like to let to odd one through to illustrate one face of the Unionist argument. I am all too well aware that we have faces of the Nationalist argument that are abusive and foul-mouthed, but they usually have a basically logical structure to the abuse.

The one reproduced below came by email intend as a comment on my YouTube video Scotland's independence - Newsnight debate – the Rory Stewart one on Britishness. Unfortunately, I could not get the publish link to YouTube to work – but here it it, with all your original invective and deeply confused logic preserved, david21085.

What can I say? What can anyone say? I would like to find a way of engaging with people who think in this way, because there is a cry of pain in there, but since it is on a no-reply basis, I can’t – and I wouldn’t know where to start.



david21085 has made a comment on Scotland's independence - Newsnight debate:

Scottish independence is fucking retarded! Would we have 2 immigration systems, that would be retarded? What would happen to the British dependencies like the falklands? It's not fair on Northern Ireland fighting for almost 100years to remain with the Union then Scotland kicking them in the balls. What about our history, fighting side by side thats enough of a reason for me to stay in the Union. It won't be long till Shetland seeks independence from Scotland...

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  1. Brit nat, misty eyed unionist dreaming of the days of empire.

    Living in the past and inhabiting a limited perspective with union flag coloured glasses - nothing to engage with in my view.

    All that said, it's like a troll post, yet I can't see the point of trolling on a video comment.

  2. He doesn't think of it like that - and lots of people feel that way, for a variety of reasons. If I could try to convince him, I would.

  3. Peter, the Watford Gap syndrom is incredibly light on reason as to why the English/British want to keep Scotland in this Union.

    The wilder Brit comments are bordering on hysteria and Call me Dave is in reality sick to the teeth of us, so why do the persevere with this delinquent partner of theirs - us?

    I know - it's rhetorical! You don't need to waste your time coming back, but it is a funny old world!

    Should we tell them not to bother after all?

  4. Not that it would dent this guy's prejudices, but I wrote a recent blog on your question, Barontorc

    Or scroll down the right hand links to 'Why does the UK want Scotland?"