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Thursday, 22 September 2011

New jobs as investor confidence in the new Scotland grows–but Iain Gray can only moan …

This is good news, or I'm a Dutchman. Well, Ton Christiannse certainly is, and West Lothian and Scotland thank him, and welcome his vote of confidence in our country  and our people- and so do I.

Of course, Iain Gray could only receive the news today at FMQs with his customary bad grace, and then followed on to try and make mischief on jobs and education, but was effortlessly outclassed, not only by the FM, but by a new young member of his own party, Jenny Marra, Labour MSP for North West Scotland.

The sooner Scottish Labour elects its new leader, the better - for the health of the Parliament.


  1. The election landslide has ripped apart the Unionist mask - not one - even young Jenny Marra - has either the ability nor the political hinterland to positively contribute towards either constituents or the country at large.
    On the same vein, I watched Labour's lame response to the Budget yesterday - Baker was truly appalling, the Unionist cringe writ large. Labour have had it.

  2. Well, we don't know what ability Jenny Marra has, and she is part of the new Scotland. She certainly knew how to frame her question to the FM, which is more than Iain Gray did. Maybe she'll see the light about independence - let's hope so, because she is going to live in an independent Scotland. I hope I am , too ...

  3. I have a positive thought about Jenny Marra, lets encourage for what she does effort.

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  4. I agree Peter, she seems too smart to be lumbering o the Labour benches, she may after a while begin to see the SNP as having a more positive view of things.

    The STV news presenters were excellent in the article.