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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

News International - the public always knew the score …

Question Time - October 2010


  1. Peter, if the public had such an awareness of the potential for NI to be so dirty, then what about those really "in the know".

    It simply beggars belief that Cameron, as PM of this UK, chose to ignore information on Coulson to capture the greater prize of NI inside-ism.

    Just how much is Murdoch involved in at government level; high-priority status at Downing St whichever party's inside it, regular tete-a-tete's over coffee and cocktails whilst sharing in family functions both ways, insider feedback via Coulson from the highest levels simply defies basic political and democratic / security logic?

    All of the above that's true of Cameron is also true of Blair and Brown, and God knows who else, we can probably draw the line after Keir Hardy!

    What a rag-tag country this UK has become and no amount of spin will ever sweep this lot under the proverbial carpet and boy,oh boy, what a pile is piling-up there!

  2. The attack on Murdoch in the last half hour was a bizarre coda to the enquiry.