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Sunday, 6 March 2011

LibDems and Clegg in denial at Scottish Conference

After managing to avoid the demonstrators, Clegg manages to avoid the real issues, and gets a quaich for his pains. Party claims new members, but little evidence of them in the vacant seats in the hall.

If the Coalition survives, Clegg and his Westminster gang have four more years of ministerial salaries and cars. No such hope for Tavish's ragged band, facing meltdown on May 5th. Desperate to pretend that they are different from their benighted Westminster party bosses, they belatedly take the SNP position on tuition fees, promising to fund this by penalising Scotland's pensioners and the sick, by removing free bus travel and re-instituitng prescription charges.
The Westminster party, faced with the nightmare of a general election if they withdraw from coalition, are unlikely to show any courage or spirit. Only the membership can force withdrawal from the doomed alliance.

LibDems - face the truth - bring this poisoned coalition down now, and recover your self-respect and some shreds of LibDem values and principles.


  1. Peter, this is very much topical but off-topic here. Check-out the 101 Declaration on Newsnet. The unionist game's a bogey!

  2. A great idea. I'll sign - but I couldn't download the pdf. It went to the URL but nothing!

  3. Oh Peter,

    I had a fit of the giggles watching Tavish's speech at the nearly empty conference.

    The party is going to be rightly slaughtered in Scotland. The interview with (soon to be Baron/Lord Scott depending when his father pops off) on BBC was a treat to watch.


  4. Tavish Scott's father is the Lord Lieutenant of Shetland,
    John Hamilton Scott.

    I am not aware of his being a peer or possessing a hereditary title. Maybe you know something I don't, John.