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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Iain Gray’s desperate U-turns on policy

Iain Gray desperately makes a series of shameless U-turns on policy, clearly terrified of the SNP's principled stance on tuition fees, council tax, etc.

He still has a U-turn or so up his sleeve - he could suddenly discover that Labour are in favour of minimum pricing for alcohol, free bus travel for pensioners and free prescriptions charges. As Alex Salmond says today, all Iain Gray has to do is wake up in the morning to change his mind - and Labour's policies.

But there's a couple of U-turns even this shallow, expedient politician can't make - he can't suddenly decide he's in favour of banning nuclear power and against Trident and the nuclear WMDs polluting Scotland's waters and draining our economy. And he can't suddenly discover he was a real Scot all along and come out in favour of independence for his nation, Scotland.

And despite Gordon Brewer's cynicism and that of the pundits he assembled tonight, these are the defining issues for Scotland, and only the SNP stands as a beacon of humanity and sanity on these issues.

Vote for your ain folk on May 5th - vote SNP and secure your future, your children's futures and your grandchildren's futures

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