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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Alex Salmond on ‘The Broons’ !

An earthshaking, groundbreaking media first – Alex Salmond starring in ‘The Broons’, with Patrick Harvie and The Three UK Stooges as his backing group.

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From Drop Box


I must clarify what I meant by Alex Salmond's backing group - Patrick Harvie and The Three UK Stooges -

Patrick Harvie is a gifted, virtuoso soloist, of usually impeccable taste who has regrettably, on some issues, found himself with this third-rate tribute band - pale emulators of the Westminster originals that they so slavishly copy.

The Three UK Stooges dislike each other's style and repertoire intensely, are rarely co-ordinated in their performance, and never in tune. But they do manage to come together in a kind of negative ensemble when the conductor attempts to unite his superb and talented section of the orchestra (from the Scottish National Philharmonic) with the raggle taggle UK Stooges, in the usually vain hope that they could for once play together for the good of the audience and fine music in general. When the Stooges manage to briefly produce soloists of talent, sooner or later they head south to play with the more lucrative, but equally talent-free Westminster Orchestra.

The Three UK Stooges really belong in a burlesque theatre of the old American vaudeville variety, where they would be right at home among the tits and bums, able to grimace, make rude noises, and generally do what they do best.

But alas, not even the most sordid of burlesque theatres would employ them, and they'll be playing their discords for quite a while yet.

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