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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The ludicrous farce that is the British Empire and the UK - by an American

Superb - wonderful, accurate, funny! A spot-on hilarious but hugely informative account of the long-running farce called the British Empire. Scotland wants out - I want out - anyone with any sense wants out. Congratulations, USA - you got out a long time ago.

Saor Alba!


  1. Excellent video. But I'm glad I'm British.

  2. Thanks, Marcus

    Be glad while you can - a lot of people in the UK are not. They want to recover a real sense of national identity as English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

    When Scotland leaves, as it will, sooner or later, the English nationalist call will be unstoppable. (It is increasing month by month, accompanied unfortunately by a resentment of Scots.)

    We are British as a geographical entity if our roots are in the British Isles, but there is no real British identity and little to be proud of in its long, bloody imperial history.

    What is advanced as Britishness is a kind of nostalgic Englishness - stiff upper lips, crumpets for tea, Dunkirk - instead of the real pride there should be in the nation of England. Forget the sentimentality of Downton Abbey and the King's Speech and embrace the reality of 2011

    My older relatives fought in the Great War and at Dunkirk. They never felt British, just exploited and betrayed as Scots.

    The American who made the video was amused by the ridiculous rump of the British Empire - many Scots are not.